Last week one of our drivers was lucky enough to complete a 2100-mile round trip across the channel to deliver and collect some very special vehicles.

Monday morning meant an early start prepping for the journey ahead. on board our enclosed trailer was a Porsche 918 spider in vintage martini design, en route to its new owner in the beautiful south of France. with a v8 engine and reaching 0-100 in 3.0secs, this supercar can hit a top speed of 325km/h and has a price tag of upwards of $850,000. we feel privileged to have been asked to transport such a brilliant car and to see the owner happy with his new purchase.

Once the Porsche had been safely delivered and unloaded, it was time to continue the journey through Italy and into Switzerland, where there was a Ferrari 355 waiting to be loaded up and brought back to the UK. the views along the way were spectacular.

Once in Switzerland and at the pickup location, it was a case of covering and loading up the Ferrari 355 into our trailer and getting back on the road in time to catch a ferry from Calais to dover on Friday afternoon.

We’re happy to say that both Ferrari and driver arrived safely back in the UK.