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Services Supporting Indigo Blue European's Car Storage facility | ibeltd

Our services

Temperature control

Our fully insulated facility has been specially designed with sealed building design to maintain the temperature at a constant 10 Degrees Celsius.

Dehumidified Storage

Our facility runs at 40%-50% dehumidified atmospheric conditions, which we find are the most ideal conditions to prevent any decay to your vehicle and its paint work.

Car Covers

We believe it essential to cover each individual vehicle with a custom indoor soft lined car cover. This comes as standard to all clients choosing to store with us.


Storage check-in includes an overall vehicle inspection with photos and sign-off papers completed, followed by an internal and external valet service using a grit guard bucket system. We will also inflate your vehicle’s tyres to 50psi upon request.

Further Check-ins

Offered to clients who store with us and bring their vehicles back after use. If fresh preparation for storage is required, we offer an interior and exterior valet package at a fixed fee of £21. This is an optional extra and not charged if the service is not required.

Trickle charge battery conditioning

A Gold package service option and recommended to ensure the quality of your vehicle’s battery (most batteries will diminish if not used while stored). At IBE we believe MXS 3.8 CTEK is the best tool for keeping your batteries in tip top shape.

Monthly Start up

A Silver package service option, we will run the vehicle up to operating temperature once a month. The vehicle will be checked for leaks and details logged and emailed to client.

Test drive

A Gold package service option – here at IBE we hold a full motor trade policy and are insured to take your vehicle on a low mileage drive should you wish us to. This can either be done on private or public roads and is an opportunity for brakes, steering and suspension to be tested along with any other possible maintenance issues. Full reports are emailed to clients following the test drive.

Specialist delivery and collection

For clients who require their vehicle back for a special occasion, perhaps a weekend away in the UK or Europe, IBE have a team of skilled drivers, fully covered by a motor trade policy, who can deliver and collect your vehicle to and from your destination of choice. We are also able to provide an enclosed trailer service at special request.

Airport Concierge service

We are perfectly situated for the three major UK airports and close to the smaller airport of Farnborough. For long-standing clients we offer an airport concierge service whereby when storing your vehicle with us during your time away we will provide transport to and from your required airport terminal.

Vehicle detailing

At IBE we have connections to some of the best vehicle detailing companies in the south of the UK. Detailing a vehicle is a highly specialised process which involves thorough cleaning, restoration and finishing of an automotive to a higher standard than original production. There is a range of bespoke services for your needs. Please enquire directly to receive a specialist quote.

Unusual Items

On occasion we have had requests to store some rather unique items from the world of ‘Boy’s Toys’. If you have something out of the ordinary to store, please do get in touch. Our high bay loading area enables the more unique items and vehicles to be stored in optimal secure, indoor conditions.

Vehicle Parts

We offer a service to store hardtops and other vehicle parts in specialised racks. Please get in touch for specialist quotes for your required items.

Flat spot Tyre rotation

As an optional extra we can adjust your vehicle’s tyre pressures to 50psi and rotate on a monthly basis. We are also able to provide a supply of DX Ramp Flat Spot prevention pads on request.

Carcoon Vehicle Bubble

Available for the owner who wants to provide the ultimate conditions in which to store their vehicle. Please get in touch for a specialist quote.

External vehicle storage

At IBE we have also created a lower cost option for vehicle storage with our external, uncovered and secure storage space. This is a great option for any vehicle from cars to trucks. Please get in touch for a specialist quote (quotes are based on vehicle size and the number of units stored with us). 01420 477223
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