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External storage service /Caravan Valet/ 4x4 Delivery-Collection | ibeltd

Premier outdoor storage

Premier Caravan Storage

This service is aimed at caravan owners that require access to their vehicle on a regular basis. Clients are offered individual parking bays with seven-days a week and 24-hours a day access via coded gates at the facility located on our main site. We do however request that any entry and exit with trailers is undertaken during daylight hours.

  • 24-hour access
  • Entry and exit at a time that suits you
  • CCTV monitored security
  • Hard standing compound
  • Access to specialist services
  • Personally allocated parking bay

Deep Storage

Situated at a site just across the road from our main offices in a hard standing, CCTV-monitored compound. Clients bring their vehicle to one of our deep store drop bays and we park it up in the compound. For collection, we simply require an email with 24-hours’ notice during the working week and we will then bring your vehicle back to one of the allocated drop bays and place the keys in a coded lock box (allowing for drop off or collection seven-days a week) ready for your collection. This service is perfect for clients who wish to use their vehicles intermittently. If you choose to store your caravan with an eternal cover or specialist locks our team will be able to facilitate that.

  • Drop off parking made quick and simple
  • CCTV Monitored security
  • Hard standing compound
  • Hassle-free service
  • Access to specialist services 01420 477223

Extra Services

Indoor storage

IBE are able to store your vehicle within a temperature controlled, internal facility. Your vehicle can be connected to the power source ensuring all heating/air conditioning is run at a constant temperature, preventing any decay to the vehicle systems in the future. Both main and leisure batteries can be placed on a trickle charge from the latest CTEK chargers. This facility is ideal for small boats and motorhome/RV owners who want to avoid the soggy British weather causing damage to their much-loved investments.

Collection and deliveries

At IBE we have a team of fully certified HGV 1 drivers and a fleet of 4×4 vehicles and are able to assist with delivery and collection of vehicles and trailers across the UK and Europe. Our services cover anything from a local caravan drop off to a European race truck collection. With close proximity to the shores of Chichester and Portsmouth, we are also proud to offer delivery and collection services for small personal watercraft so that owners are spared the inconvenience of storing their boats on their driveways and having to transport them to the coast.

Valet Service

We offer an external valet on all vehicles. This includes the use of a delicate condition product to ensure no damage to any vehicle rubbers. As part of the service we also include a roof clean, lubrication of trailer hitches and a salt water engine flush-out service for water craft and lubrication of all moving sections for boat trailers.

£21.00 per standard sized caravan – *8m
£52.00 per 8m boat (includes engine flush through)

For other sized vehicles, please contact us for specialist quote. 01420 477223
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