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Outdoor Vehicle Storage Questions Answered | ibeltd

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t use our vehicle very often. What storage plan would IBE advise us to go for?

With this information IBE would advise our Deep Storage Plan. This service has been set up with clients using their vehicles intermittently in mind. Our deep storage site is recommended for vehicles/trucks over 8.5m.

If I store my vehicle with you, will it be covered by IBE’s Insurance?

IBE are unable to cover any vehicle that is stored in our external compounds. However we do offer high level security to ensure peace of mind for clients leaving treasured equipment with us.

Can I gain access to my vehicle anytime, seven-days a week?

All IBE staff are experienced in putting storage covers and locks on vehicles and we are happy to take on this task for you if deep storage is the preferred option.

We would like to do some maintenance work on our caravan while it is in your facility. Is this possible?

IBE are happy for their clients to carry out basic works on our sites with prior notice given. Please kindly note that IBE does not permit the use of any ‘hot works’ on the site, i.e. welding. IBE are unable to provide any insurance for personal vehicle works whilst carried out on our site. All tools must be supplied by IBE clients themselves as IBE do not hold tools on site.

I have a boat over 8m in length and am looking to store it with Indigo Blue. Is this possible?

This is absolutely possible here at IBE. We have a fixed weekly cost for standard length boats but for any unit over this, we charge at a per metre cost that is determined by a specialist quote. Please see our contact page for details of how to get in touch to discuss.

Am I able to get my caravan cleaned prior to it being used?

IBE offers an external valet service for all of its storage clients. We offer set rates in accordance with the length of each vehicle (for a standard caravan of 7m we charge £21.00 + VAT). You are able to book any number of valet services throughout the year, which will be added to your 12-weekly invoice.

Would Indigo Blue European be able to take my caravan for its annual inspection and collect it once all the works have been carried out?

This is a service we offer at Indigo Blue and we are happy to tow your caravan anywhere you require in the UK or across Europe. This is charged on a per mile basis. Please do just get in touch for a specialist quote. 01420 477223

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