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Questions Answered Warehousing & Self Storage | ibeltd

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you able to provide a pick and pack service on individual product basis?

Here at IBE we are well established in this style of service. We have a fully trained team currently working with some of our long standing clients, providing dispatch service per individual order. IBE would be happy to work both with your company’s systems or providing our own current methods.

Do you have a set rate per pallet charge?

Yes we do charge working on a standard pallet size of 1.2 x 1.4. (Standard UK Pallet).We have the ability to work to any dimension or pallet size.

Are you able to provide stock control of my products?

Yes. We use computerised stock control systems which allow us to produce accurate stock lists.

Are your facilities secure?

Yes. All of our facilities are protected by Red Care monitored alarm systems & CCTV.

How do you load and unload vehicles?

We can either unload with Fork Lift trucks or by hand, depending on customer requirements. We routinely unload shipping containers by hand. We can work with any form of packaging as per client requirements.

Can you re-pallet my goods?

We can re-pallet your goods to your specifications.

Are you able to fulfil orders for me?

We are very experienced in Picking and Packing, and fulfil over 100 orders per day. We are able to handle either small orders or full truck loads and anything else in between.

I have just received a large order at short notice. Can you help?

At Indigo Blue European we always try our very best to ensure that your orders are fulfilled in time, and are used to working to very tight deadlines.

Self storage

What is your facility for self-storage?

We offer external immaculate condition shipping containers. The size of each container is 20ft x8ft. These have a level wooden deck and can be locked via more than one padlock supplied by each customer.

How often can I access the site?

There is no restriction to the site access is granted 24 hours a day through a coded lock system.

What does the initial payment require and is there a minimum rental term?

Indigo Blue European require the following upfront payments 4x months deposit + 4 monthly payments upfront. Due to such high demand for this service we have a minimum rental term of 4 months.

How secure is the site?

Indigo Blue European have a fully monitored CCTV system covering our site.

Do you have any other facility’s onsite?

Our team are always onsite over the working week if some assistance is required. We also offer male and female toilets. 01420 477223
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